Ken Slattery

Chief Executive Officer

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

Mr Ken Slattery is the Chief Executive Officer of Cement  Concrete & Aggregates Australia, the peak national industry body  for Australia’s $15 billion heavy construction materials industry.

CCAA’s role is to represent the industry in

  • Building stakeholders understanding of the vital role of  the industry in the nation’s development.
  • Supporting the maintenance of industry’s licence to  operate.
  • Advocating for regulatory reform.
  • Maintaining and developing markets.
  • Encouraging collaboration and networking across the  industry.

Originally appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Cement and  Concrete Association, he was appointed as CEO of a new  organisation Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia formed  through a merger of seven cement, concrete and quarries related  industry associations following a strategic review of the industry’s  needs.

Prior to joining the heavy construction materials industry Ken had an extensive career in the steel industry, where he held a  number of senior marketing roles in the high value-add steel  building products markets and leadership of the applied research activities of BHP Research in the construction, automotive and  manufacturing industry sectors.

Session Overview

Industry Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion hosted by Ellen Fanning we will be hearing from George Agriogiannis and other industry leaders as they discuss the issues, and the measures we can take to improve safety as it relates to pedestrians and heavy vehicle interactions.

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