Dr Marilyn Johnson

Research and Policy Manager, Amy Gillett Foundation Senior Researcher

Monash University

Marilyn is one of Australia's leading cycling safety research experts. She is a Senior Researcher at the Monash University Institute of Transport Studies where she leads the Active Transport and Micro-Mobility group. Over the last decade, her research has focused on how cyclists and drivers can safely share the road including translation of rigorous academic research into action. She is also the Research and Policy Manager at the Amy Gillett Foundation and was a major contributor to the national campaign a metre matters, that changed the road rules to improve safety when drivers and cyclists share the roads in Australia. Marilyn also led the new AGF campaign Live, Drive, Ride like a local that aims to humanise cyclists.

Marilyn managed the development of Sharing Road Safely, the vulnerable road user awareness training program for heavy vehicle drivers. Based on international best practice, including the UK Safe Urban Driving course, she led the adaptation of international best practice for the Australian context.

Session Overview

Sharing Road Safely: Protecting Vulnerable Road Users

We can’t just copy and paste international driver training courses and expect it to work. Despite the success of best practice training, the Australian heavy vehicle and construction industry has unique concerns and insights that require a collaborative approach to developing driver training for local conditions. This session will provide an overview of the Sharing Road Safely course which is based on international best practice and has been developed for Australian conditions. Starting with the timeline for the development of the course and the process of collaboration, piloting and refining, the session will detail the key issues that were identified by representatives from the heavy vehicle industry and the suggestions that have been developed to create new and powerful content. Details of the course will be presented to provide an overview of the three modules: online, facilitated workshop and on-road.