Lisa Foley – Transport Sector WHS Plan Update

Greg Fill - Safety  Strategies & Best Practices

Jim Appleby – Downers Approach to Plant Pedestrian Interface – The Red Zone

Jerome Carslake - CLOCS  a New Paradigm in Sharing Road Safely, We All Win!

Richard Coleman – Vehicle Pedestrian Critical Risk Management, Leadership & Culture

Bernard Carlon – Towards Zero – A Heavy Vehicle Perspective

Dr Marilyn Johnson – Sharing Road Safely: Protecting Vulnerable Road Users

Sean Carlson – Industrial Traffic Management : Key Risks and Improvement Opportunities

Michael Ryan – Telematics and its correlation within Heavy Vehicle Safety

Noel Griffiths – Mercedes-Benz Truck Advanced Safety Systems

Rocky Armstrong – Best Practice Library

Various Industry Leaders –  Industry Panel Discussion

Our heavy vehicle and pedestrian safety campaign, We Need Space to Keep You Safe, in collaboration with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).  We thank the NHVR for their support and permission to use their campaign messaging to spread the word on heavy vehicle and pedestrian safety

This Safety Forum is a result of a SafeWork NSW Enforceable Undertaking.